Why WordPress is the best website platform for SME’s

When it comes to choosing a platform for your website I believe the best option is a WordPress based site. Why? With a number of platforms springing up over the recent years it can get a bit overwhelming when deciding on the best content management system for your business. First of all, WordPress is a free open source CMS, it’s used by millions of people worldwide, easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate any unique requirements.

Below I have listed 5 points on why WordPress should be your CMS of choice.


WordPress Hompage

1. WordPress Is Free and Open-Source

One of the USPs of WordPress is it’s an entirely free platform. So no monthly subscription or annual costs for the service. WordPress is an open source project. The beauty of it is they are constantly updating and adapting the platform to make it better, faster, more customisable and extensively tested for bugs and problems. The platform will notify you when there is an update to your site is constantly running on the latest CRM. This prevents any incompatibility with old plugins and makes sure everything is functioning the way it should be.



2. WordPress Is a Beginner-Friendly CMS

Having used several CMS platforms over the years I can honestly say WordPress is by far the best for beginners. When you first log in to it may seem a bit daunting and intimidating but as you play around you will realise that the dashboard is really easy to use, simple to understand and easy to navigate.

With all my web design packages I allow clients to take full control of their site, I supply crib sheets and videos demonstrating how to use the platform. A lot of my clients prefer to use my uploading service where for a monthly fee I will update and add new content to your desire. This way you can be sure your website is updated and the content provided is displayed correctly. If you prefer to save money with a bit of guidance from myself you can do it yourself.



3. WordPress Plugins

The great thing about WordPress there is a plugin for pretty much everything web-based. For example, you might want a modern contact form, search through the plugin directory, install then activate.This is great for my clients as it keeps cost down, no need to develop software when it’s out there for free.

As plugins need updating my Maintenance Service will give you peace of mind knowing that your site is using the latest plugins so there are no compatibility issues. For example, WordPress might have an update but the plugin we are using for the contact form is built for the older versions of WordPress. This is where I come in to make sure everything is up to date. The last thing you want is your site to be left or forgotten about and a customer visits your site and can’t leave an enquiry or make a purchase.

The Maintenance Service was designed to prevent such problems occurring.


screenshot of yoast plugin

4. WordPress Helps You Rank High in Search Engines

What’s the point having a website if no one is ever going to find it? If your building a website chances are you want as many people visiting your site as possible. One of the best ways to help get those customers is to practice effective Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms adjusting and tweaking your site so search engines like Google can find your site easily and display it in the relevant search results. There are several SEO plugins but the best by far is the Yoast plugin. Designed to make SEO easy with its numerous features and tips on how to improve your page.

With all my web design builds I optimise your site to the highest standard. Like the plugins above the SEO needs to be updated to keep up with Google’s ever-changing requirements. With my Maintenance package, I will make sure your site is constantly using the latest SEO practices.


ithemes secuirty hompeage

5. WordPress Security Features Provide Peace of Mind

When I build your WordPress site rest assured it will be tested using rigorous methods to break the site. I will install security features that will alert myself when someone is trying to breach the site. Having built numerous sits over the years I have had a few attempts at trying to penetrate the site from hackers across the world but as of yet not one has breached.
If the worse did happen, as I have daily backups of your site it will be back up in no time.


There you have it, WordPress is a great platform for your business.  Cost effective, easy to use and a ton of amazing features. If you would like to discuss how I can help your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch.