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Why Should You Get an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates were first uses used by banks or shopping sites to protect customer credit card information. Now all kinds of websites now use them for added security and piece of mind.

As the internet plays a bigger part in our lives every day many more people are concerned about their online privacy and security than never before. This could be due to major security breaches in some of the world’s biggest organisations. We all heard or read about the cyber attack on the NHS right?

Web users who are aware of online threats have started to look for the SSL certificate in the URL. If they don’t see one, they may be wary about entering any information on your site which entail could lead to missing out on a potential lead or customer. If you’re trying to get customers to buy a product or even to join an email list, this could be a major roadblock.

Luckily for all my clients, I supply an SSL Certificate with all my web design builds giving your potential leads and customers that satisfaction that their data is safe and secure and your piece of mind. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. A cyber attack can be devastating to any business, but especially to any that deal with customer credit card information or other private data. Doing anything that you can to prevent them is essential. This is why all my website builds come with an SSL  Certificate and built in security features to stop such a thing happening. Rest assured all my sites get backed up on a daily basis as well meaning that if the worse did happen then I can get you back up and running in no time.

Search engine giant my best friend Google has recently announced that all sites that require visitors to enter passwords will need an SSL certificate. A warning label will be added to any sites that don’t have one. Giving users a clear understanding that the site they are using can be seriously harmful.

Another great addition to having an SSL Certificate is it will boost your rankings in Google search engines. Who doesn’t want to be higher up the ladder than your nonsecure competition? In addition to SSL Certificate rank boosting I do offer a full SEO package for my web clients. This package can include keyword analysis, Keyword strategy, PPC Campaigns and SEO site audit. What’s the point having a website if know one uses it? With a mixture of SEO work, tips, trick and software tools I can help drive the relevant quality traffic to your site.

If you would like to discuss how I can be a benefit to your business please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free no-obligation meeting to discuss in depth.

I hope you take on board my advice and hopefully we can share a coffee together. To wrap this up nicely the next website you visit take a look at the top left-hand corner and see if it’s secure.

Happy Secure Surfing.

Benny Bones