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Having over 8 years in the web design game I have built and developed 100’s of websites for numerous businesses in various industries over the years. I’m’ highly passionate about all things web and design and do my best to complete a project to the best of my ability. I am a firm believer that you pay for what you get.

If you’re after unique modern design then I am your man for the job. My design style is very minimalist and quirky I believe when this is used correctly it can differentiate between the normal run of the mill sites to a site that is rememberable, user-friendly and does what you want it to do. Numerous times I have seen sites with bad user-experience which many people give up after a few seconds on the site. You do not want this. All my websites come with the latest industry code and are also built to be 100% mobile friendly. My main goal is to help you succeed online in the most cost-effective way.



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The Process

My simple process will have you up and running in no time.

So you want me to help you succeed online.

Sweet! First things first let’s meet and chat about your requirements and online goals. After we’ve had a good chat and I have an understanding what your vision is I will go back and put a master plan together.

The ideas stage.

Once we have agreed on the initial outline of the brief I will get to work developing concepts and ideas. At this stage, it’s crucial to have a good communication line going with myself to make sure I can create concepts that fulfil the brief and are on the correct track.

Start Building.

Now the fun bit starts. I will get down to business and start building your site. Depending on the complexity and size of your site I could have it up and ready within 2 weeks to 2 months. That’s baring in mind the communication line is clear.

Can you help me with content?

Sure I can. Benny Bones has partnered with Cardiff’s leading content creators Ivy Marketing. I work closely with the team there to produce top quality web-ready content. In the web world these days online content is a major factor to your website’s online performance and success.

So your website is complete what’s next?

Well, you have 1-year free maintenance and security as well as a 1-year hosting. After that, we can come to an arrangement on a yearly fee to keep your website up to date and functioning correctly. Rest assured my annual plan will not cripple your business. If you would like to read more about what happens next take a look at the paragraph below or give me a call to discuss further.

Happy all year round…

All my web design builds come with 1 years free hosting, maintenance, security and upload functionality. What benefit is this for my business? So hosting is where your website is stored on the internet I won’t bore you with technical jargon but this is the foundations of your website. Without hosting there is no website.

Why do I need maintenance?

As technology develops at a rapid pace there are ever changing technical aspects that could be introduced at any given point which could damage or disable functionalities within your website. With the maintenance package, this problem will be eradicated. I will make sure all aspects of your website are up to date and fully working to their capacity.

What if I need to change something on my site?

With the upload facility, I can do the hard work for you. If you supply me with the content or images etc I can get them uploaded within 24 hours. The upload function will give your piece of mind that the information has been uploaded and displaying correctly. I will inform you when the changes have been done and amend until you’re satisfied. I will also supply crib sheets to show how to upload information yourself if you decide it’s not for you.

Why do I need security on my site?

Regardless of what data you gather If your site is vulnerable to an attack, hackers will exploit it regardless. On an average day, 30,000 websites are hacked globally. To prevent such attack happening to your site it is crucial you have security in place. The security and peace of mind I can offer has prevented countless attacks, wasted time and expenses trying to eradicate the problem. The security is very intelligent. It can detect when an attack is trying to take place and email myself to inform me that someone is trying to breach the site. If the worst does happen then there is a security breach, there is a contingency plan in place to get you back up and running in no time. With daily backups and weekly summaries of the security performance, you will be able to sleep peacefully.

What happens after the 1 year?

For a monthly or annual fee, you will get the following for another additional year.

Site Maintenance
Site Security
SSL Certificate
Upload Functionality
Unlimited Emails

Latest Work

The latest projects I have been working on.

My Additional Services

Grow your business with my help.

So you need a new image for your business? I can help create a strong brand identity to get those customers your really after.

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What’s the point having a shop if no one knows how to get there? Send me your email with your URL for a free SEO report. How’s that?

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Find out more about Digital Marketing and how to implement?  One to one sessions discussing software, tools and online strategies.