Improve your search engine presence with Google My Business.

After every website, I build my first point of call is set up a google account for the business. Why? By creating a Google account or adding your business to an established Gmail account within the Google My Business tap you can drastically improve your search presence on Google. Google My Business is an online tool designed by Google to help businesses get in front of their customers and make them stand out whether that be via Google search or Google maps.

google-my-business-verification-codeIt’s a simple process where anybody from small business owners to marketers with no SEO knowledge can do. It’s as simple as filling out a simple form with your opening times, location and your service area.

After you have filled out the form Google will send you a confirmation code within the post to your business location address or they will ring the phone number you have entered. It’s usually a 5 digit code that can be entered on your Google My Business tap to verify with Google that your business is legit. Until then your business will not show up in the search engine or google maps.

Using ‘The Knowledge Panel’ see below for an example, you can create a digital shop window in which when a potential customer searches your business they have all the relevant information they need about your business. From the opening time, directions and your website address. Here you can also review the business. Customers can read the previous review here giving them trust that your business is doing something right.

It doesn’t stop there within the Google My Business tap you can even show potential customers a 360-degree virtual tour of your business or upload images of your office, staff and even previous work.

Within the Google My Business dashboard, you will gather some really useful data about your website. If you use Google Analytics to track visitors and traffic then the dashboard will give you a summary of your website data over the last 30 days. This data includes New visits, Unique visitors and Pageviews.

There is also another tab called “insights ‘ that show how customers search for your business. See the example below for a better understanding. This data is used to see where customers view your business on Google.

From the dashboard, you can also take control of your reviews. Google makes it ever so simple to reply to your customer’s reviews. Take a look at the example below.

Google My Business Dashboard

So if you haven’t got a Google My Business account already why not do it today and see how it can improve your search presence. It’s easy peasy but if you do struggle I’m here to help.

Hit the contact form here if you would like some guidance or view this simple video I have created on how to get started.

Happy searching.